This Elegant Chaos – House of Destruction

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This Elegant Chaos born from the major elements of rock music, love, angst, desire and alcohol!

Steph, Mark, Greg and Keith bring real in your face rock music to the waiting world, writing songs about the dark side of their lives, it’s hard to define a genre.

With influences ranging from Adam Ant to Nirvana, Tool to My Chemical Romance, This Elegant Chaos live up to their name with an energetic live show, that leaves you wanting more.

The new album ‘House of Destruction’ was recorded by Stephanie Taylor Vocals, Paul Clifford Guitars/vocals, Mark Beach Drums, Greg Boden Bass. Going forward into 2018 Keith Armstrong is on guitars, after Paul made the decision to call it a day.

I asked Steph about the song writing process …..“Most of our songs are written by all of us having a jam to a riff or a drum beat and see what comes out of it 🙂 . I then take away the basic song and write the lyrics, adjusting the structure as need be to accommodate the lyrics… so they are nearly always a group effort.”

Steph also explained a little about some of the tracks on the album. ‘Take it All – This is my personal favourite. Myself and Mark are big Adam Ant fans, and I’ve always loved the dirtiness of his song “physical”. We considered trying to cover this, but as we’re anti-covers we wrote this in homage 🙂 Filled with subtle innuendo, its seductiveness is just (to quote Adam Ant) pure sex. House of Destruction – This came from Greg’s evil bass line, he had the idea of writing a song about a serial killer. Taking my inspiration from all the American Horror Story we watch, I delved into that troubled mindset. No way home – This followed a dream after watching Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton’s version of course). This is our darker and more sinister reality, the vision of which will be our next video…”


House of Destruction is the latest collection of tracks from This Elegant Chaos, which certainly lives up to expectations.

No Way Home sets the scene for this dramatically produced collection. The eerie intro captures your interest, which is soon followed by the sound of Steph’s vocals which are provocatively haunting. Once the track is in full swing you will be under its spell, with the powerful drums and menacing guitar, you have to stay…..’no one’s gonna hear you, no one’s gonna find you….no one’s gonna save you now’. Diseased is an in your face, wrathful number which is not for the faint hearted.


Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs

The pulsating beat combined with the fierce lyrics delivers a powerful addition to the album. Again has a catchy riff at the start which grabs your attention. This is one of my favourite tracks of the album, it strikes through various genres, punk, goth, rock, formulating to give another exceptional edition. More has a more sombre feel to it, with the fantastic tones of blackness, you get drawn into the mood of the track. Evocative lyrics add strength to this fantastic example of the capabilities of this band. Feel Me has a definitive punk feel to it. Playing heavily on the emotions with it’s seductive undertone, detailing the mind games and passion that one may endure in a troubled relationship. Run charges at you full force with the unrestrained pounding of drums and melancholy lyrics interlaced with the heavy guitar riffs which make this another strong feature to this collection. Get Out relays the frustrating end to a burnt out relationship. The story unfolds to riotous drums, brilliantly punctuated by expressive lyrics. Sick builds in pace from the start, before spitting the venomous lyrics at you. It sort of picks up where ‘Get Out left off, this time giving both sides of the story. It could quite easily be described as a blazing row to music.

Take It All sets out at a sultry pace, the words of this track lay heavy with seductive reference. The suggestive nature of this track sets it aside from the rest. With its distinctive and emotive lyrics it clearly demonstrates that TEC is multi faceted. House of Destruction, kicks off with a bass line which can only be described as possessed, and the lyrics suggest dark times from a troubled mind of someone wrapped up in their own world of darkness and death. HFYG finishes the album off with a massive celebration of all the qualities that This Elegant Chaos behold. Incessant drumming gets into your head from start to finish, and when the guitars are added to the mix, you will simply have to join in. Steph’s vocal performance and prominent lyrics perfect this number, which epitomises what the band name stands for. An almost chaotic pace and enigmatic vocals deliver this final portion of their journey so far.


This Elegant Chaos take you on a tumultuous journey, full of dark and sinister lyrics and eccentric performances which are infectious in a weird and wonderful way. They are a bizarre and mysterious creation which certainly draw you into their world, and once in, you won’t want to leave.

They certainly live up to their name when it comes to performing, and if you fancy seeing them in the flesh, why not head down to their album release night at Scruffy Murphy’s on 10th February ?

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Take a look at them performing live in October 17.

Gig Review – Buzzard Album Launch

To celebrate the release of their album Valium Gorillas, Buzzard kicked it off with The Grunge Tour, starting on Sunday 29th October 2017 at The Lamp Tavern, Dudley.

I was really looking forward to this gig, as there were a number of support bands lined up, some of which I’ve been interested to see for some time, but never quite got round to it. And here they were all performing at the same venue. So, £5 to get in and a pint of Bud on draft, this was gonna be a great night.

The line up for the support acts was, GG and the FlashHearts, Zero Wasters, This Elegant Chaos, Weak13 and Naked Sunday.


First things first, I must apologise to GG and the Flashhearts, as I missed their set due to having problems finding the venue. They’re a 3 piece Power Pop/Punk band hailing from Stourbridge. Hopefully, our paths will cross in the near future.




Next up were a band called Zero Wasters, a Birmingham based rock trio combining elements of blues, indie and punk to create an eclectic sound which has intrigued audiences throughout the country.

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An enjoyable performance from Zero Wasters. The bass player certainly kept us entertained throughout, but this aside, I enjoyed seeing a vocalist/drummer, this must be very difficult to pull off.  Credit to Niall, Ethan and Lee for a gutsy performance. Hope to see you again soon.

Next up were This Elegant Chaos, a band which I’ve followed on facebook for some time, but never actually seen a live performance from them. This band are dark, but at the same time quirky and full of life, and I really enjoyed the performance from vocalist Stephanie Taylor. Greg Boden kept us all on our toes with his signature, full on, in your face performance on bass, I’ve never seen anything like this in a bass player. Whatever you’re on Greg, keep taking it! These guys demonstrated that they have something a little different going on, and this is what draws you in and leaves you wanting to see more from them. I’m hopeful to feature This Elegant Chaos on The Rock Asylum in the near future.


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Naked Sunday are fantastic to watch live, so I was in my element watching their set. I look forward to seeing Martin, Laura and Craig very soon, when I feature them on The Rock Asylum. They performed a few of my favourites, Diamonds and Pearls, Sunflowers In The Rain and A Dozen Red Roses And A Bottle of Jack. I also look forward to seeing them at their next headline show, wherever that may be. Oh and by the way guys, thanks for my album! It was a pleasure to review Signs of Insanity!

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Weak13 is another band I’ve had on my ‘to do list’ but even when we’ve been in the same building as them, I never got to see or hear them. Weak13 use a variety of strange low-guitar tunings, unorthodox riffs and dark sounds for every song.  Although these guys are not my first choice in sound, I totally appreciate that they’ve set out to be different, to send out clear messages in their work and to emphasize parts of their music that other bands would try to cover over in order to be as free sounding as possible. They were well supported on the night and I wish them all the best with the tour.

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So now to the headline act Buzzard, who I’ve only seen once before, a few months ago at The Giffard Arms. Buzzard are a three piece Grunge Rock power trio with Punk undertones to their sound. Formed in 2011, they produce and perform mostly original material and are based in Stourbridge, UK.

The performance was energetic and driven which showed the band’s hunger to progress in the music industry. Favourite tracks were Kamikaze, which is the second single to be taken from their album Valium Gorillas, and Step It Up which was the first. These guys certainly threw everything they had into their performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish this band every success with their Grunge Tour and the new album which is out now.

Here are some clips for you to enjoy:

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Gig Rating: 4/5

Many thanks to Dave Briggs – Gig Photography for the photos on this review. He will be uploading more of the gig to his Facebook page over the next few days.




Gig Review – Papa Shango, Anonymous and Dead Happy

On Saturday 28th October I was at The Giffard Arms Wolverhampton to see Papa Shango and supporting bands, Dead Happy and Anonymous. 

I’ve heard that The Giffard is the place to be on Halloween, and for a mere £2 to get in, this was promising to be a great night, especially knowing that Anonymous were in the line up.

A Halloween themed band called Dead Happy certainly kicked the evening off in style, demonstrating a completely abstract performance of rock/alternative music.

It was then time for one of my top 5 upcoming bands to rock the house. Anonymous put on an electrical performance as always, these guys have all the ingredients needed to become a successful rock band, looks, talent, charisma and determination.


Even though the frontman/vocalist Rob Baynes had been unwell, he put on a great show for the crowd. These guys have come a long way since I first saw them on a Facebook live feed, playing a pub in Burton-on-Trent.

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They will be supporting Ryder’s Creed at the 02 Academy 3 Birmingham on 9th December 2017 which I’m sure will be a great night, and I have no doubt that  Anonymous will help to kick the night off appropriately. Hayden Kirk (guitar), Steven (Herbie) Herbert (drums), Luke Lawley (bass) and Rob Baynes (vocals/guitar) certainly get the job done when it comes to putting on a show.

So, having rocked out with Anonymous, it was time for the widely talked about Papa Shango to make an appearance. To be perfectly honest, I had mixed feelings about this ‘act’, but kept an open mind as I’d never seen them before. They describe themselves as a circus rock act with mayhem and madness guaranteed to leave jaws dropped.


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Unfortunately, the only video footage I took of these guys will not upload, so apologies to anyone who wanted to see them. Well I can only describe the Papa Shango experience as unusual. I thought for a moment I’d had my drink spiked when I saw girls in sequinned hotpants humping hobby horses to the rhythm of the music. It was all a bit tongue in cheek, and I watched them perform a couple more of their tracks before leaving to the sound of ‘pissing on your wife’ being belted out. The room was full of people in full Halloween costume though, and I’m sure the night went well. Not sure if they came into watch Papa Shango, or whether it was just because the disco downstairs was packed out, but either way, a great night celebrated with major weirdness and rock music, you couldn’t ask for more. (Especially not for £2 entry)

For those of you who are now more curious than ever, here’s a link


Gig Rating: 4/5





Coming this week

This week I will be publishing the review of bands I’ve seen during the Halloween weekender. Anonymous, Naked Sunday and Buzzard to name just a few of them. There will be some awesome photos and videos to go with the feature of course, courtesy of Dave Briggs.

Also I’m currently reviewing a self titled album by a very talented guy called Jon Hartz Wild, which will be up over the next couple of days.

Later in the week I’ll be publishing my review of the newly released Buzzard album ‘Valium Gorillas’.

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