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Gig Review – Third Angle Projection + support from Strike The Light & Superhooch

Onroute 44 picce again, we found ourselves at the delightful Route 44 venue in Acocks Green, Birmingham, this time to review three bands we have never seen before, Third Angle Projection were the headliners, with support from Strike The Light, and Superhooch.

Greeted by promoter Nancy Harding, the night looked set to be a banger of a gig. Route 44 continue to promote upcoming,  as well as established bands in the midlands area. Some notable names have refined their skills at this well known, genuine venue.

First up were Strike The Light, a three piece rock band from South Wales. We quickly found out that although first on, they were definitely worth a watch. Formed in February 2017, this Swansea based trio put on a strong opening performance for us at Route 44. A particular favourite from the set was their newly released single Black Gold. With a feel of old school rock to it, this track is set to make you rock out. By the mid point of this track they soon had the attention of the growing crowd, it’s definitely a blinding song from this relatively new band.

A quality opener that paved the way for a superb night. I would definitely pay to see these guys again. They have a seasoned style which was delivered via a very confident performance.

The single, Black Gold is available now. Visit the band’s facebook page here. The Rock Asylum rates this single 4/5 stars.



Next up were Superhooch, a Coventry based rock/blues foursome with an unusual mix of hyperactive, bluesy, stoner, garage rock psychedelia, this band certainly took their followers on a remarkable journey. With an additional performer, Azrael Quibilah for part of their performance, I have to say that her voice really changed the whole feel of the music.

I went from thinking, bloody hell I’m far too old to be listening to this, to oh wow this is awesome……..trippy…….but awesome. I especially enjoyed it when they started belting out the vocals, transforming it from a melodious track into a foot stomping heavy number, the eclectic combination really working well.

On reflection of their performance I couldn’t help but draw similarities to the mighty Kasabian.

If you like what you see, why not visit Superhooch on facebook here



Then it was time for the headliners, Third Angle Projection.

I recently discovered this band when they asked me to review their latest EP ‘Nothing To You‘.  I instantly loved them, and found similarities to the awesome Seether, which added to the appeal. I had been looking forward to this moment for a while, seeing them perform live. Sadly, an earlier arrangement to see them never came to fruition.

They’ve recently been on tour in France and I’m sure that the UK festivals will be welcoming them to their stages in no time.

These guys delivered a massive set, full of twists and turns, making their performance intriguing and volatile, which kept me on my toes, wondering what they were going to do next. Without exception, this band delivered the most emotional, artistic performance of the night.

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They performed my favourite tracks, Useless and Nothing To You as well as a Seether cover, a fitting rendition of Remedy.






Dean Tipper – Third Angle Projection



Arron Tipper




Arron Tipper


Dean Tipper


Charlie Brotherton – Third Angle Projection


Arron Tipper




In summary, the combination of bands on the night delivered a wide brush stroke of the rock genre. Each band adding their own identity, yet combining to produce an outstanding production of live music.

Thanks to Dave Briggs for the fantastic photos. For more from this gig, visit Dave’s facebook page by clicking here . (Please remember that Dave owns these photos, and whilst the bands featured are welcome to use them, there should be no editing or cropping of the picture).



Coming Up – Gig Review – Third Angle Projection with support from Superhooch and Strike The Light


Don’t miss my review of this banging night, courtesy of Third Angle Projection, Superhooch and Strike The Light, hosted by Route 44 Birmingham with promoter Nancy Harding.

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come.

Full videos of all of the bands plus some awesome photos by Dave Briggs. don’t miss it!

Looking back

Some great fun was had when I visited the lovely guys from Anonymous in their practice room.

Here’s a few clips to jog your memory


If you would like us to visit your band on a practice night, please fill in the contact form here . Our visit will include some free photography by Dave Briggs as well as videos of the visit to you tube.

Gig Review – W.M.D @ Route 44 with support from Tear It Down and Rai Kah Mercury


Aran Grant of W.M.D – Photo Courtesy of Dave Briggs Photography

This is the first gig I’ve attended for the Rock Asylum this year, and as I am a strong supporter of W.M.D, a great bunch of lads from Burntwood in Staffordshire. I got really excited when I saw this advertised, and I was eager to attend, firstly because I wanted to see the guys perform their recently released tracks, and secondly because of the awesome line up this gig was offering.


route 44 pic


Route 44 is a great venue, easy to access, and with the pub being open prior to the gig starting, its a great place to have a few pre gig drinks whilst waiting for the doors to open.


Tear It Down – Photo credit Dave Briggs Photography

So first in the line up were Tear It Down from Wolverhampton, with their newly recruited bass player Matt Ratcliffe added to the mix. These lads have bags of confidence which clearly shows throughout their performances. Their set was a good strong collection of tracks, performed well, with extravagant displays from guitar player Jesse Taylor. Lead singer Blade Edwards kept us entertained throughout, with his strong vocals and passionate stage presence, he kept it together even when things didn’t go to plan. Rhys Jones as usual got on with the job without any issues, and was more involved in the set than I’ve seen at previous performances.

Unfortunately, whilst I was out of the room, the guitar got dropped which made the rest of their set quite interesting, which included a great little treat from drummer Jamie Roberts, who entertained us whilst techs were trying to sort things out.

Overall a good set from Tear It Down.


Rhys Jones of Tear It Down – Photo credit Dave Briggs Photography


Matt Ratcliff of Tear It Down – Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs Photography


Jesse Taylor of Tear It Down – Photo credit Dave Briggs Photography


Blade Edwards of Tear It Down – Photo credit Dave Briggs Photography


Rai Kah Mercury – Photo credit Dave Briggs Photography

Next up were the lads from Rai Kah Mercury from Burton on Trent. Something a little different with a softer, more alternative edge to it. Since I last saw them perform, they’ve grown in confidence and once again they put on a fantastic set for us. My attention was drawn particularly to the drummer Joshua Anthony Lowe who came into his own. I could see he was really working flat out and enjoying being there, which is an essential quality required from anyone who is in the entertainment business.

Some of the tracks they performed had a more ‘rock’ influence, but I would like to see these lads really let loose with something more rough round the edges. With only a handful of gigs behind them, I’m sure as their confidence builds, their performances will become amazing. They have bags of talent and charisma, the rest will come as they grow into this fantastic band they’ve created. Well done guys.


Tomas Crean of RKM – Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs Photography


Reece Schaefer of RKM – Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs Photography


Joshua Anthony Lowe of RKM – Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs Photography


W.M.D @ Route 44 – Photo credit Dave Briggs Photography

Then, we were onto the headline act W.M.D. These guys always put their heart and soul into their work, and this gig was no exception.

Exceptional guitar work from all three guitarists, even though Simon Wood tends not to steal the limelight, his talent should not be taken lightly. At one point I found myself shouting ‘more Mike’ as I really enjoy bass player Mike Wood‘s work, both vocally and on the bass, and as you will see from my videos, it adds variety to the set. Not many bands have a bass player that will perform a solo piece of this calibre. Jack Revill blasted out an energetic performance as always, and Aran Grant performed well throughout the night, putting in a solid, heartfelt performance.

Well done guys, and thanks for asking me down, me and the rest of the crew really enjoyed it.


Aran Grant from W.M.D – Photo credit Dave Briggs Photography




Jack Revill of W.M.D



Simon Wood and Mike Wood of W.M.D


Simon and Mike of W.M.D


Jack Revill of W.M.D

I have to say that the drummers of each band really stood out for me during the gig. Each one of them took the opportunity to show off their talents at some point during their set, which I really enjoyed.

The drummers always tend to be left at the back of stage and pretty much ‘forgotten’. Photographers have a real fight on their hands to get photos of them too.

There’s nothing more entertaining than a great drummer engaging with the audience and showcasing their talents. These bands are still progressing, however each band found a place for their drummers to be at the forefront of their performance at some point during the night, albeit for Tear It Down it was accidental. Jamie Roberts is a great little drummer to look out for, with his face appearing full of rage he soon rips into the drums given the opportunity.

A great night full of fun and fab music. Not without technical issues, but these things happen. Well done to all of the bands who performed, in particular to the headline act W.M.D who put on a great show.

4.5 Stars



Thanks to Dave Briggs Photography for supplying the photos for this review. If you would like to see more of his work, why not visit his facebook page here


A band to look out for in 2018 – Black Country Road

art work

Black Country Road’s sound would be best described as a Southern Heavy Country Rock but with a British Twang ! With influences such as Black Stone Cherry, Audioslave and The Cadillac Three as well as having elements of Country, it’s commercial enough to draw in a diverse crowd while still having its own identity and feel. Ultimately … its LOUD ROCK N ROLL!


Steve Photo

Steve Nunn (Vocals) , is a current solo artist and former vocalist from Piston. Previous band achievement , making a ‘top played’ milestone for a month on Kerrang Radio.















Ben Bakhsh (Guitar) , was previously a guitarist for Questions of Angels.
“Every gig I did with Questions of Angels felt like an achievement, and every time I’m able to translate what I feel into music is the same. My biggest “moment” was probably opening up for a fashion show in Birmingham with an old band.”















I asked Ben how the band came about, and here’s what he told me.

“Steve had an ad on facebook for the project . The bands he mentioned as inspirations i.e. Audioslave and Black Stone Cherry immediately caught my eye because a couple of years earlier I’d tried to put together the same kind of project but couldn’t find a singer so I we just had to meet up. Anyway I had the main riff in my head for Grenade anyway so I met with Steve at his home studio and the chemistry was there musically and we got Grenade written in a couple of days.

Our debut song, Grenade, is about having a break from writing as part of a band, and having 3 years worth of feelings and lyrics to get out, making you want to explode.

Basically me and Steve are writing while working with other session musicians to create an ep and tour it” he told me.

The Rock Asylum‘s take is that this debut track is packed full of heavy, dirty, rock  n roll, with mighty guitar displays, and massive vocals, not to mention that special ingredient that so many bands are forever in search of. The voice of Steve Nunn sounds shivers down the spine, which when teamed with the explosive guitar work these guys take you on an exceptionally intriguing journey of some heavy Rock n Roll, with a Southern Rock twist to it. I’m excited to see where this journey leads with these exceptionally talented guys.

Here’s the link to a demo of their first track Grenade


If you’re interested in following Black Country Roads’ rock n roll journey, why not follow them on facebook here .






Gig Review coming soon – W.M.D + support from Tear It Down and Rai Kah Mercury

My review of last night’s show at Route 44 Birmingham is nearly ready, including video footage of each of the bands as well as photos supplied by Dave Briggs.

Don’t miss it!



Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs



Tear It Down













DSC08833-Edit-1Rai Kah Mercury
















Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs





Coming up …..Gig Review ………W.M.D with support from Third Angle Projection, Tear It Down and Rai Kah Mercury

route 44 picreceived_10156107793933836172806161.jpeg


This cracking gig is on Friday 16th February at Route 44, Birmingham

The Rock Asylum and Dave Briggs Photography will be capturing the whole night on camera for those of you who can’t make it, but any locals why not head down there and come and say hi?

I’ve seen all of the support bands live, and can honestly say this will be well worth the trip, and as you know, I’m a huge fan of W.M.D who will no doubt be smashing it.

Hope to see you there!



This Elegant Chaos – House of Destruction

Page 1.jpg

This Elegant Chaos born from the major elements of rock music, love, angst, desire and alcohol!

Steph, Mark, Greg and Keith bring real in your face rock music to the waiting world, writing songs about the dark side of their lives, it’s hard to define a genre.

With influences ranging from Adam Ant to Nirvana, Tool to My Chemical Romance, This Elegant Chaos live up to their name with an energetic live show, that leaves you wanting more.

The new album ‘House of Destruction’ was recorded by Stephanie Taylor Vocals, Paul Clifford Guitars/vocals, Mark Beach Drums, Greg Boden Bass. Going forward into 2018 Keith Armstrong is on guitars, after Paul made the decision to call it a day.

I asked Steph about the song writing process …..“Most of our songs are written by all of us having a jam to a riff or a drum beat and see what comes out of it 🙂 . I then take away the basic song and write the lyrics, adjusting the structure as need be to accommodate the lyrics… so they are nearly always a group effort.”

Steph also explained a little about some of the tracks on the album. ‘Take it All – This is my personal favourite. Myself and Mark are big Adam Ant fans, and I’ve always loved the dirtiness of his song “physical”. We considered trying to cover this, but as we’re anti-covers we wrote this in homage 🙂 Filled with subtle innuendo, its seductiveness is just (to quote Adam Ant) pure sex. House of Destruction – This came from Greg’s evil bass line, he had the idea of writing a song about a serial killer. Taking my inspiration from all the American Horror Story we watch, I delved into that troubled mindset. No way home – This followed a dream after watching Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton’s version of course). This is our darker and more sinister reality, the vision of which will be our next video…”


House of Destruction is the latest collection of tracks from This Elegant Chaos, which certainly lives up to expectations.

No Way Home sets the scene for this dramatically produced collection. The eerie intro captures your interest, which is soon followed by the sound of Steph’s vocals which are provocatively haunting. Once the track is in full swing you will be under its spell, with the powerful drums and menacing guitar, you have to stay…..’no one’s gonna hear you, no one’s gonna find you….no one’s gonna save you now’. Diseased is an in your face, wrathful number which is not for the faint hearted.


Photo courtesy of Dave Briggs

The pulsating beat combined with the fierce lyrics delivers a powerful addition to the album. Again has a catchy riff at the start which grabs your attention. This is one of my favourite tracks of the album, it strikes through various genres, punk, goth, rock, formulating to give another exceptional edition. More has a more sombre feel to it, with the fantastic tones of blackness, you get drawn into the mood of the track. Evocative lyrics add strength to this fantastic example of the capabilities of this band. Feel Me has a definitive punk feel to it. Playing heavily on the emotions with it’s seductive undertone, detailing the mind games and passion that one may endure in a troubled relationship. Run charges at you full force with the unrestrained pounding of drums and melancholy lyrics interlaced with the heavy guitar riffs which make this another strong feature to this collection. Get Out relays the frustrating end to a burnt out relationship. The story unfolds to riotous drums, brilliantly punctuated by expressive lyrics. Sick builds in pace from the start, before spitting the venomous lyrics at you. It sort of picks up where ‘Get Out left off, this time giving both sides of the story. It could quite easily be described as a blazing row to music.

Take It All sets out at a sultry pace, the words of this track lay heavy with seductive reference. The suggestive nature of this track sets it aside from the rest. With its distinctive and emotive lyrics it clearly demonstrates that TEC is multi faceted. House of Destruction, kicks off with a bass line which can only be described as possessed, and the lyrics suggest dark times from a troubled mind of someone wrapped up in their own world of darkness and death. HFYG finishes the album off with a massive celebration of all the qualities that This Elegant Chaos behold. Incessant drumming gets into your head from start to finish, and when the guitars are added to the mix, you will simply have to join in. Steph’s vocal performance and prominent lyrics perfect this number, which epitomises what the band name stands for. An almost chaotic pace and enigmatic vocals deliver this final portion of their journey so far.


This Elegant Chaos take you on a tumultuous journey, full of dark and sinister lyrics and eccentric performances which are infectious in a weird and wonderful way. They are a bizarre and mysterious creation which certainly draw you into their world, and once in, you won’t want to leave.

They certainly live up to their name when it comes to performing, and if you fancy seeing them in the flesh, why not head down to their album release night at Scruffy Murphy’s on 10th February ?

debut album

For more information or to follow This Elegant Chaos on Facebook click here

You can also follow them on Twitter

Take a look at them performing live in October 17.

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