EP Review – Hedra – Mind Dimension

Hedra band pic.pngHedra are a five piece hardcore tech metal band from East Anglia comprising of Zoran Gyenis on Guitar, Kamil Korsak also on Guitar, vocals from Jim Marten, Scott Milburn on Bass and Tomas Mrazek on Drums.

In the band’s own words they describe their musical style as ‘With Seven strings on the Guitars tuned to low end G# Jim uses vocals in a falsetto aggressive style to counter act the thudding chunks thrown at the audience with groove based chops and occasional technical licks. The Textures of each song includes melody and clean parts with deep and meaningful lyrics based on a story about a man finding love in a mental asylum. This outfit is a monster, the aim is to create longevity in the band’.

The EP Hedra (300x274)‘Mind Dimension’ is a gripping tale about one man’s journey through depression into finding peace.

First things first, I have to say that the creation of  this EP is unique in the fact that Jim actually created a story, laying out the theory of it….. After speaking to Kamil during a rehearsal session Jim discussed that he wanted a concept that was to include being in a Mental Asylum, Jim then wrote the story behind Mind Dimension, laying out the concept which can be found here


Here is a snippet from the story…..Lost I am hate - Hedra.png


The 5 track EP, which was recorded at HVR Studios in Ipswich delivers a display of  assorted techniques throughout, which will render you speechless. Such a massive fluctuation between anger, urgency, helplessness and peace is spectacular. The two tracks that did it for me are Mind Dimension and Unspoken.

Mind Dimension consists of heavy duty guitar work combined with relentless drumming, which intensifies the mood of this track. The vocals are melodic in part, until the remorseless, incensed blaring emerges, taking the song to a darker dimension. The combination of the melodic vocals with the technical aggression perfects this track. I am most impressed by Unspoken which has a spine chilling start, along with sadistic vocals which grip you resolutely round the throat until the merciless guitar virtuosity takes you to the deepest darkest point of the track, and the incessant pounding of drums draws you into the depths of despair as this track unfolds. ‘Is it all inside my mind? Or is it you playing games?’, some of the lyrics that emphasise the confused state of mind that the subject is experiencing.

In summary, the EP would appeal mainly to lovers of hard core metal / tech metal. Hedra’s sound is quite diverse, mainly due to the way the instruments totally conflict with each other frequently throughout the tracks. Sounds a little crazy I know, but the amazing thing about it is, it works!  Whilst there are elements of rage and anger, set alongside great bass lines, the EP has far more to offer than just that. It’s unique combination of sounds demand that you hear them out. I am intrigued to find out more about where the story leads.

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