Name: Robert Phillip John Reece

Specialism: Lead Vocals, Bass

Age: 42

Nickname: Bobber

Bad habits: Getting stressed out

Musical Influences: Alterbridge, Winger, Dan Reed Network, Avenged Sevenfold and most things that have a good hook to them

What do you find most annoying?: The other guys in the band !!!!!!!!!! lol

Favourite Movie: Point Break





Full Name: Jon Davies

Specialism: Guitars and Vocals

Age: 41

Nickname: Jonnyrocker

Bad Habits: Nose Picking, lol

Musical Influences: Dream Theatre, It Bites and Anything with great Guitars and Harmony Vocals

Loves: Everything working out as it should and my pets

Hates: Liars







Name: Russell Ian Rodgers

Specialism: Drums, percussion

Age: 43

Nickname: Russ, Rusty, Russki … you get the gist! lol

Bad habits: My sarcastic ‘humour/’wit’



Musical Influences: Chris Sharrock (Icicle Works, Robbie Williams, Beady Eye) and Roger Taylor (Duran Duran) as influences. Gary Numan, Mansun, Linkin Park & The Icicle Works as inspiration.

Dislikes: Narcissists, Bad manners

Favourite Film Star: Clint Eastwood, Keanu Reeves



Q. How would you describe your style of music to the people out there who haven’t seen/heard of you before?

A. Rock Pop Anthemic Choruses with rousing guitars, powerful rhythms and endless melodies.

Q. How long has the band been performing as Reece?

A. Performing … About 16 months

Q. You have been busy recently, how have your gigs gone down?

A. Every gig from a punters’ perspective has been gratefully received. We constantly beat ourselves up for the slightest mistake in the ‘live’ environment but we aim to perfect the songs which to date have been a hit in all environments, clubs, pubs, private parties & festivals around the UK

Q. What’s in the pipeline for you guys for the rest of 2017?

A. To try and be nice to Rob now and again and a trip to France in October as part of our tour we are doing for the release of the album, Ignited.


Below is the conversation I had with Rob Reece regarding the new album.

Rob: ‘Do you want to hear our new single? Its out in September. Its Mammoth, we’ve been told it sounds like audioslave meets Bonjovi and Metallica at a Crossroads.

Me (after listening to the single): Oh wow, that sounds awesome! A bit meatier than previous tracks!

Rob: Yeah that’s the way we are going.

Me: I’m excited for you guys!

Rob: Thanks Deb, the album is very diverse though, as we wrote songs over a 12 month period, so the band has developed its sound.

Me: That’s great, the transition from your earlier songs to your new sound will be on the album, so a bit of something for everyone!

Rob: Yeah, IGNITED was one of the last songs written as well as the ballad on the album which is really stripped back to just acoustic and vocals, no drums.

Me: Well I am looking forward to hearing the full album closer to the release date Rob, wish you all the best and hope to see you soon!


So to those of you who enjoy a smooth sounding melodic rock, and those who like a heavier, meatier rock sound……. look out for REECE and their new album IGNITED which is being released in September 2017!

Reece - 'Ignited'  Album Cover

For more information on the band, or to find out about upcoming gigs in your area, see the links below: