Gig Review – Uttoxeter Rocks @ The Old Star

The Old Star

The Old Star Pub, is a traditional pub, that serves cask ales as well as traditional lagers/ciders etc.  The Pub houses live entertainment in the beer garden and inside during the winter on a Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday 15th July 2017, The Old Star hosted the Uttoxeter Rocks gig.

The event was run and promoted by Mark from Crackin’ Snapin’ Promotions, along with Erica, who is the Landlady of The Old Star.  Also playing a big part in the organisation of the event were Andy Hartshorne, who arranged the bands and ran the stage, and Andy and Ray, the sound techs from Audio Difference.

I was told by a number of band members that Andy Hartsorne had worked his butt off to support artists during the preparation and run up to this event, and that it was much appreciated.

I have to say that everyone who was involved in this event, should be very proud of themselves and of the successful night which was a product of their blood, sweat and tears.

On arrival at the Old Star, I found parking easy to find which was a bonus, more or less right in front of the pub itself set in the centre of the town which was very picturesque. First impressions told me this was a sleepy little place, however I was soon to find out that Uttoxeter was very much alive.

This quaint old pub beckoned me to go in….. I could already hear music being played so was eager to see who was on stage.


Unfortunately I had already missed band no. 1, Tear it Down, a 4 piece band from The Black Country (pictured above), who are a Classic Rock/Blues band, however, from past shows that I’ve seen, I would say that their performance would have been a frenzy of hair flicking and cymbal crashing, a great start to the evening.

My favourite member of the band who I have fondly nicknamed Cousin IT, as you rarely see his face, is Rhys Jones…..


The second band on stage were Talisman, a covers band playing Metallica, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Pearl Jam, Thunder, Guns n Roses, AD/DC and much more. Talisman certainly got people warmed up, performing a variety of great covers in particular AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, they certainly appealed to the old school rockers. An energetic performance overall, particularly when they joined the audience to indulge in a bit of head banging and at times just to show off.





Next were Fires that Divide, a 4 piece rock band from the West Midlands.

I have never seen or heard of this band before, but I will certainly be looking out for them at future gigs. Once they got warmed up, they delivered a powerful and gutsy performance with strong vocal execution from Kirk Shuttleworth, and a fast and furious heavy rock sound. This band is certainly one to watch.




These Wicked Rivers followed, a four piece blues/rock band from Derby. They certainly packed a punch, delivering a knock out performance to the unsuspecting audience, performing some of my favourite tracks from their album II, they blew my mind. This band is definitely going places, and I am eager to find out what is in store for them for the rest of 2017 and beyond.


These Wicked Rivers

John Hartwell and Arran DayArran Day

John Hartwell




With their boyish good looks and modern image, Anonymous seem to have a younger following, however, they showed that age is just a number when they rocked The Old Star like pro’s. Their name may be Anonymous, but you would never forget them once seen, nor would you mistake them for any other band on the scene right now.

Rob Baynes

Hayden Kirk

Luke Lawley and Rob Baynes

Steven 'Herbie' Herbert



Okay so, this great feast of rock music ended with a perfect performance from my favourite band, Theia.

Kyle Lamley took charge of The Old Star, and with the assistance of Paul Edwards, and Jake Dalton, they soon got the audience under their spell. Performing a mixture of new and old tracks, these three made a great night into the perfect gig. Songs such as Whoop de Fucking Doo and Ride On from their first album Take the Pill allowed us all to join in with actions and sing along, whilst tracks from their new album Back In Line such as Paper the House, Back in Line and Just Go showed a heavier, yet more refined Theia; but just when you think you know what Theia are all about, Kyle delivers a complete mood changer, the gorgeous acoustic number called Home, a beautiful song written for his partner and daughter. The hard work these guys have put in over the years is most certainly there for us to see in all its glory when they perform, and I’m sure that in the not so distant future, Theia will be performing at all the great rock festivals in the UK and abroad.

For details of upcoming tour dates please visit









To sum up my experience of Uttoxeter Rocks, I would say if you like Rock Music, a friendly atmosphere, and good beer, you should make the trip to The Old Star next year and I will definitely see you there!

Here’s a few pictures of the event…..














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