An Evening to Remember

In order for Theia to raise funds for their new album ‘Back in Line’, they advertised items that people could ‘purchase’ via Pledge Music. I found myself pledging for a number of things, one of those things was a guitar 1-1 with Kyle Lamley.

As I have only been learning to play guitar for just a few months, I had hoped that this may not happen for quite some time, but as Theia are becoming more and more popular since the release of their latest album, with mini tours and various gigs getting booked around the country, when I got ‘the call’ from Manager, Keith, to arrange the 1-1 session for this week I knew that I had to take it, as who knows where things are going to lead for Theia? (They may not be able to squeeze me in again for ages!)

So a couple of days ago I headed off to Theia HQ……

A nervous knock at the door and it was opened by Kyle himself – gulp! He greeted me and my family and invited us in. What a surreal moment. I couldn’t believe what was happening….. I’m only used to seeing him at gigs…. Fleeting conversations or a snatched photo opportunity are normally what I expect.



Seeing where the band spend a hell of a lot of their time practising, writing, making videos was a huge privilege. It also brought home the fact that it is not all about the glamourous side of music. In order to entertain people, there is a lot of hard work, blood sweat and tears involved, and only the most determined, strong, committed individuals will stay the course and survive to tell the tale and, as these guys are destined to do, reap the rewards.

All I kept thinking was…. Is this real….. ?

I had a few photographs taken during the time I was there, and I attempted to video my 1-1, however, thanks to my camcorder actually deciding to die during the session, I was horrified to see that nothing had been saved at all. Luckily I did manage to film Kyle, albeit on my phone, explaining about the pedal board effects he uses, as well as some of the other musical equipment he has.

During the 1-1 we went through one of my favourite songs, ‘ride on’. This song makes me feel good, giving me energy and positive vibes. I have been learning parts of it during my guitar lessons with Rich Bates, however, as Rich told me, it’s Kyle’s song and he will want you to play it the way it was intended to be played.

Wow, what an eye opener! There is so much more to this song than I expected! It proved to me that there is a vast difference between playing along with the tune, which is what I was kind of able to do, and then actually performing the song. With all the extra techniques and significant intricacies added, Kyle effortlessly demonstrated how it should be played. Kyle patiently went through the finer details with me, and gave me some tips and techniques which I hope I will have mastered by the time we meet again.

Kyle played and sang the song as we practised, confirming to me that he is one hell of a musician!

I met one of his guitars called ‘Roxy’, which he made himself, such a beautiful guitar. This showed another side to this talented man, as this isn’t something that just anybody can do.

Kyle also played a song off his new album ‘Back in Line’ whilst he demonstrated his pedal board …. This is a video clip I will always treasure……(due to my piercing laughter at the start of the video I would turn your volume down a touch!)

All in all I had an absolutely fantastic time, learned a lot, and whilst I have a hell of a long way to go, I feel that the input I had from Kyle has set me in good stead to improve and help me along the very long journey I have embarked upon in respect of learning to play guitar.

We have already discussed having a catch up in the future to see how I am doing, so no doubt I will be making sure that the video actually works and I will share my experience with you guys when that happens.

I’d like to publically thank Kyle for his patience and generosity of sharing his knowledge, it was an amazing experience that has reinforced my respect and admiration for him and the rest of the guys in Theia.