Without Grace

In the Asylum this week I managed to catch up with the awesome band ‘Without Grace’ from Birmingham.

tj6During my interview with this fab four I asked them:

Sum up what Without Grace is all about in 1 sentence.

The Dynamic Quadruplet who come together as 1 to make what’s impossible,  possible.

How did you guys meet?

Our Drummer, TJ Weston, met our bassist, Jamz West when he was 13 years of age as they went to the same school. Jamz then went on to college and met Dan Jones (vocals) and Chris Jones (Guitarist/Backing Vocals) on a Music Course. Previously known as Atlantum. Numerous amounts of line-up changes which then ended up with TJ reuniting with Jamz when they were both homeless which TJ was in another band known as TheiaUK.

Chis & Jamz

Things didn’t plan out for TJ but then we asked for an audition which to then he got the role as the backbone of the band. This is the current line-up for Without Grace.

How long since you formed Without Grace?

Without Grace has been going since 2012 but the new line-up has been going since 2014, Played alongside Evil Scarecrow & Glamour of the Kill, replacing Red Rum’s slot on the main stage (4th from the top)for Macmillan Fest 2015.
Also, alongside Bad Touch, Awake By Design, TheiaUK, Witch Tripper, Massive Wagons, Falling Red, Only Memories, Eva Plays Dead and many more.

Who/what influenced you in your style of music?

Our influences can be very diverse. We all have different tastes in Music.
Our main Styles would be Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Heaven’s Basement & Three Days Grace. But we love artists such as Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Shaman’s Harvest and much, much more!

Do you have nick names for each other?

Our drummer can be known as ‘The Kid’ but that is a story for another day. Our singer is just known as ‘Dan’ but can sometimes be called ‘David Dreiman’ from Disturbed (don’t do it, he doesn’t like it at all!’ ;).
Our bassist is called Jamz because his name is James, he ‘Jamz’ to the music and get’s into the groove.

Every band has one member who is a bit crazier than the others……who would you say this is, and what is the craziest thing they ever did?

We would have to say our Drummer TJ, he is a Wild Cat (Literally!!)

When he had his old Cymbals, when we were about to finish our set, Our Grand Finale. He would take part of his cymbal attachment from his stand and smash the cymbal onto other cymbals. For next time, we will get him to bring the broken cymbals for proof!


What’s the biggest accomplishment for ‘Without Grace’ so far?

We have a 3 Track Ep which we Released last year. Self Produced by our Singer Dan @ Outlawed Productions which are on sale at our gigs.
Playing alongside some great bands at Breaking Bands Festival 2017 late May has to be one of our highlights because we were made so welcome and felt like we were home. We would like to thank again, Jason McGuire, for putting us on and dealing with our loud racket at 11:am in the morning.


If you could choose a band/artist to support at a gig, who would you choose and why?

See, now this is a hard one for us as we have made so many friends along our joyous adventures. We would probably have to say our good friends know as ‘The Loved & Lost.’
We played alongside them in a battle of the bands competition in 2016 known as ‘UnrealFest’ (Courtesy of Ryan Anthony Hulme ‘Ryder’s Creed’ Vocalist).

They were the main band who supported us and kept in touch ever since the competition. They also appeared at Braking Bands Festival 2017.

Hard Rock Hell – You’ve made it through to the top 20 bands who have a 50/50 chance of playing the live final in Sheffield………….you’re up against some pretty strong bands…. Why do you think you deserve to go through?

Let’s just say we have been working really hard towards getting a fan base, working hard on some new material to unleash for everyone to hear and this could be a life changing moment for all of us. Just to be a part of such a great competition and great Radio Station is a warm ember to our hearts. Bands such as Eradikator and Sister Shotgun, to be within the same competition as them two itself, are an achievement for us. We have been grafting for many years to get to where we are now and this would be the icing on the cake! Our Latest Single ‘Wake up Call’ is the track featured on the Radio Station.

Dan Jones1.jpg

Any gig news to share?

If we win the competition for Hard Rock Hell – Highway To Hell, We will play to a sold- out crowd on the 1st September 2017 and be able to network with so many more bands and make new friends along the way.

Furthermore, We have our final gig of the year at the O2 Academy 3 in Birmingham, which is a headline slot for us. We are very excited to play that show alongside some great bands such as Dark Swan Dive and Slack Alice. We will possibly play a couple of new tracks which will feature on our Debut Album to be released early next year.

How can anyone interested in following you on social media get hold of you guys?

Links to our Facebook, Merch and Reverbnation page are below if you would like to check us out (Merchandise can be found via our Facebook Page):
#WeAreWithoutGrace and Thank You for your time to read this.